Ballyhooly League

Carlo Lynch hands Mick Healy the Bob Dean Cup for the seventh round of the Munster league in Ballyhooly, Co. Cork.

It was raining when we arrived, raining as we pulled and you guessed it still raining when we were leaving. Ballyhooly league night seen some heavy rain fall but still was well attended. Seven clubs competed and it made for a pretty tough nights pulling, every movement was important as the ground cut up pretty quick and the muck was generously buttered across all teams by ten o clock.

At first the youths once more battled it out, Harps taking top points from a quickly improving Rathkeale A. The U23 started without delay and Araglin had to be content with second place too Harps but the Conna Men had a tough time pulling their neighbours to a victory.

Seven teams slogged it out in the rain for heavy weight league points with 680kg teams having to prove their best.  The mighty Shop won the Novice final beating Araglin and but got into trouble against Donoughmore in the semi final of the senior. The host team Ballyhooly had a straight end victory over Araglin on the other side. So it left to locals Ballyhooly and visitors Donoughmore to pull a final. Donoughmore pulled well and took the top points in straight ends from the Ballyhooly men and all in all seemed to handle the  horrid conditions better than other sides on the night.

Sunday hopefully will bring better weather and more Munster tug of war in Thurles Racecourse, County Tipperary. Weights here are 640 and Catchweight and the Youths and U23 will and pull off first. Pulling starts at 1pm and all are welcome.


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